Articles & Panels

Sean A. O’Keefe, the firm’s principal, has written and spoken on bankruptcy and insolvency matters for over twenty years.


  • Sean A. O’Keefe, Marital Settlement Transfers Under California’s Uniform Voidable Transactions Act, 33 Cal. Bankr. J. 345 (2016)
  • Sean A. O’Keefe and Elmer Dean Martin III, Using Federal Guns and Badges to Marshal Estate Assets, 32 Cal. Bankr. J. 133 (2012)
  • Sean A. O’Keefe, Post-Petition Perfection of Assignment of Rent Clauses Under 11 U.S.C. §546(b): A Creative Illusion, 17 Cal. Bankr. J. 123 (1989)
  • Sean A. O’Keefe, Adequate Protection After United Savings v. Timbers of Inwood Forest, 16 Cal. Bankr. J. 8 (1988)

Professional Education Panels

  • 1990 Annual Conference of the California Bankruptcy Forum, Converting Rents, Rates and Revenues into Cash Collateral: New Challenges to an Old Alchemy: Orange County Bankruptcy Forum, What Price Justice: Is There an Exception to The Absolute Priority Rule?, February, 1993
  • National Business Institute, How to Protect Secured Interests in Bankruptcy in California, August, 1993
  • Orange County Bar Association, Bankruptcy Issues Arising From Securitized Loans, February, 2002
  • Orange County Bar Association, Non-Dischargeability Litigation: Selected Issues, May, 2002: Orange County Bankruptcy Forum, Recovering The Loot: Pursuing and Defending Fraud and Other Claims Against Insiders, Investors, and Aiders & Abettors In Bankruptcy Cases, April, 2009
  • American Bankruptcy Institute, Battleground West 2012, Failing Lenders: Dueling Bankruptcy Cases, Bank Holding Company Debtors, and Other Key Issues
  • Orange County Bar Association (Trust & Estates Section) August 2021 Meeting, Spendthrift Protections In Bankruptcy: Understanding The Threats and Possible Solutions